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What will you learn?

Are you a professional that works with couples who separate but have no legal training?

If this is you then you may feel confused and baffled by some of the terms and processes that your clients outline to you.  You may wonder why things are being done in a certain way.  You may feel that the things your client reports to you do not seem to focus on the right issues.  Do you feel you would benefit from a greater understanding of the family justice system?  Would you like to know what processes are involved, how the law works and what on earth is happening in the court system?  If this is you then our full day workshop can help you to understand all of this and how you can best help clients that are separating in the work that you do.

What you'll learn:

  • Understand the different elements that make up the family justice system.
  • Get to grips with different legal terminology and what it means
  • Understand the choices facing separating couples about how they can choose to resolve the issues that crop up
  • Learn about how the law prevents vulnerable parties
  • Find out more about how the law treats married and unmarried couples 
  • Develop your legal knowledge so you can make sense of the things your clients say to you
  • Get involved in interactive exercises that will help you to think about the choices facing separating couples
  • Find out more about the different professionals involved in the family justice system
  • Get a chance to ask questions and expand your knowledge
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