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(getting the most for your client and yourself)
What can I expect from this course?


This course is aimed at lawyers and support staff and is designed to explain the mediation process and what happens in more detail. It also talks about how you can best support your clients during the mediation process, and how you can encourage clients to attend mediation and help them overcome any concerns they may have about the process. The course looks at pitfalls that are often encountered in supporting mediation and how to overcome them. It talks about how to avoid getting that unworkable MOU that can put you in such a difficult position.

3rd April

8th October

Feedback from this course which has been run previously includes:

"Great Presenter"

"It was easy to follow and understand. I learnt a lot from this course especially as a secretary, rather than a lawyer"

"Very informative yet relaxed and informal. Louisa was perfect!"

"Great tips to support clients through the mediation process"

"Louisa delivered the course in an interesting and engaging way. Louisa is incredibly knowledgeable in mediation the process and how beneficial it can be".

"Very informative course. Louisa was very easy and clear to understand".

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