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Practical support, strategies and know how to make your dream job a reality
What you'll learn

Running and Marketing a DR practice is a workshop aimed at those who want to run or develop further their own mediation practice.  It may also be useful for those who want to run a law practice focusing on dispute resolution and especially mediation. 


What you’ll learn:

·       We will look at how many clients you will need, what you should charge and the level of income you want to have.  This will include discussion regarding different office types and overheads you may incur.

·       We do a considerable section on marketing and the course encourages delegates to think about how you will generate work for yourself through different avenues. We look at social media, email marketing, and targeting referrals from other professionals.  We look at all these areas in depth.

·       The workshop looks at common problems that can crop up including cashflow problems, spreading yourself too thinly doing all jobs, burn out, and falling out of love with your craft (amongst others)

·       We will also look at ways in which you can diversify your practice to help you be recognised, and to maximise your income stream.

·       The workshop is designed to give practical support, guidance and strategies you can follow.  It is interactive with plenty of exercises so that you can start mapping out your own next steps as you go.

·       The workshop also encourages delegates to think about how they can support each other and use the course as a basis to develop a professional support/referral network amongst other practitioners wishing to set up small/nice DR practices

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