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Book for 23rd September for our half day Family Mediation: Essential Skills Workshop
Want to feel more confident in the mediation room?
What you'll learn


Are you a family mediator who would like to refresh their skills? Did you train a while ago and then not really get into mediation work? Do you feel that you have forgotten things in the foundation training? Are there skills you don't feel confident with that you would like to go over?

What you'll learn in this workshop:

  • At the outset we will look at what each delegate would like to feel more confident with and ensure we cover all of these skills.
  • We'll go over essential empathetic skills like acknowledging and summarising. How can you create a rapport with both participants? How do you know if you've established a rapport?
  • The workshop examines the use of language in mediation and how important it is that this mutualises concerns and worries and how you can keep from making things more inflammatory by using carefully considered phrases
  • The aim is also to recap basic procedures for contacting clients and setting up meetings and to go over the process from the initial contact to preparing documents
  • We will also talk about using your PPC as support and making the best use of this invaluable source of help.
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