We offer a variety of different training courses and Louisa Whitney has undertaken training for Central Law Training – one of the big providers of training to the legal industry.

Below is a list of our training courses that are available this year.  They include dates where these have been set.  If you are interested in one of the training courses then please let us know.  We can either let you know when they will be running, or we can arrange for the training to come to you if you have a group or POD that would be interested in undertaking the training.  If you would like to go on our mailing list to receive details of all our training courses please email

Our courses are designed to be skills based, local, interactive and cost effective.  The objective is to help those working in the family law industry better understand the mediation process, the necessary skills to achieve successful and helpful resolutions, for clients (particularly within the rapidly changing family justice system) and those looking to develop a better understanding of any aspect of the family law system.

In 2018 we are running the following courses:

Understanding Divorce: an interactive guide to lawyers, the court and all that jazz.  This is being run for a group of counsellors on Saturday 23rd June in Bletchingly.

Getting started in mediation

This course is designed for anyone considering a career (or add on career) in family mediation.  It explains the necessary qualifications you need to obtain, the accreditation process, how you might go about obtaining the necessary work, and things to think about it.  It’s designed to be a practical how to guide about getting started in family mediation.

Next date for this course: 25th April 2018 at 9.00 a.m

How mediation works and the benefits of working with a family mediator

This course is designed to be aimed primarily at lawyers (or their support staff).  The purpose of the course is to explain what happens during the family mediation process and how you, as a lawyer, can best support your client when they are using this process.  It gives practical tips to ensure you are kept in the loop during the process, and suggests ways of dealing with concerns that clients may have about duplicating costs.  It also deals with some common pitfalls and suggests ways they can be avoided.  In these changing times in the family justice system this course is designed to ensure that lawyers are maximising their earning potential, and working in a way that is user friendly for clients and rewarding for them.

Next Date for this course: Tuesday 27th March at 9.00.

Working authentically: A practical guide to making changes to find a better way of working

This is a new course for 2018 and is designed for anyone working with couples who separate.  It asks questions about whether you are working in a way that you find enjoyable and asks you to assess the stress levels you experience on a daily and weekly basis.  It looks at ways to make the work you do more aligned to your own personal goals and beliefs and thus more enjoyable and less stressful. It gives practical tips for managing stress that you can use yourself, and pass on to your clients.  It examines the relationships we have with our clients and asks whether clients will get the best from our services when we do not feel we are acting authentically and we feel under pressure, jaded and at risk or ‘burn out’.  This course is a must for anyone who feels that they need to change the way they’re working.  It offers practical tips to make changes and to manage the demands of yourself, clients and your boss!

Dates for this course to be advised but please contact us if you’re interested in receiving further details or attending.


If you are interested in any of the above courses then please contact us for the full course outline and details of when the course is running.  We are also able to put together bespoke training courses so if you have a particular training need but don’t see a course then please get in touch.

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