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We empower you to find your own tailor made resolution.

Mediation enables couples to focus in on what’s important to their family when they separate.  It’s a flexible process so it can be done in the way that will work best for each couple.  It’s a safe place where you can express how you feel and identify your priorities for the future.  Talking to each other directly when you separate is not always easy.  Sometimes it can be a lot easier to hide behind other people’s words.  We give you the tools to be able to re-start communication and to keep on communicating.  This is crucial when you have children and will need to co-parent them going forwards.  Even with older children it is likely to be important that you can attend significant gatherings together without difficulty.

Mediation is a constructive way of talking about what your futures, and your children’s, should look like.  Talking to each other directly can help to reduce the amount of miscommunication.  It also usually speeds up the process of finding a resolution.  Often speeding up the process makes it more cost efficient.

Here are a couple of videos that explain more about mediation.


You can obtain more information about the mediation process and find out more about why we are so passionate about the benefits of mediation by clicking on the FAQs link at the top. Here is a further video explaining more about mediation that was prepared for the Ministry of Justice.


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